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The Road Home is a powerful collection of songs that go deep into the human psyche, deep into the soul and speak to the transformational journey one takes on the way to the light of awareness.

Kaleah wrote the songs on this CD while coming to terms with a toxic relationship she had recently left.  The profound lyrical messages in this CD speak to the challenges of the soul in its journey to be FREE and in alignment with the souls highest path.

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Kaleah is a singer/songwriter, a mystic and healer whose hauntingly beautiful ethereal voice penetrates deeply to the soul of the listener.

It was Kaleah’s journey through life; the trials, challenges and the dark passages that have given Kaleah both the inspiration and the depth of soul that is both heard and felt in her music.

Kaleah doesn’t feel that it is she who writes the music, but rather gets out of the way and allows the music to write through her. She has produced three CD’s that can be enjoyed as a CD, whole CD downloads or individual track downloads.

Each CD marks a passage in Kaleah’s life with her latest CD “Emergence” being a non lyrical collection of powerful chants and vocalizations that capture the full essence of both Kaleah’s voice and spirit.