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Kaleah Emergence 2012

Kaleah's New CD EmergenceA Powerful CD by Kaleah

Kaleah’s CD “Emergence,” is inspired by the energy of awakening, the feminine emergence and the need to restore balance on our planet.

Emergence is a non lyrical collection of chants, tones and vocal lullabies in the language of light. It is set against a backdrop of piano, multi layered keyboards, tribal rhythms and layers of angelic vocal harmonies. Kaleah’s hauntingly beautiful ethereal voice is known for its powerful healing ability to reach into the heart and soul of the listener and unleash repressed emotional energy. Emergence is an excellent choice for easy listening, meditation and vibrational sound healing.



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Kaleah: Emergence

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Kaleah is an angel whose voice will transport you to heaven, and whose lyrics remind her listeners that we are all on the same spiritual journey.

KaleahA profound mystic and healer as well, the tones that come through her voice create transformational heart opening and healing for all willing to open up to God's love as it flows through her.

I am a spiritual teacher and angel communicator and I witnessed the choirs of healing angels working with Kaleah as she sings. The golden white energy spiralled out through her to members of the audience and embraced them.

Kaleah's music is a must-have addition to anyone whose collection includes such great inspirational singers such as Josh Groben or Loreena McKennit. She is one of a new wave of healing and inspirational musicians whose work goes way beyond 'new

Ann Albers, Visions of Heaven.


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Chakra Toning CD

Kaleah Chakra Toning CD

Simply, INSPIRING & MOVING!, Beautiful melodies & harmonies. Life changing lyrics.. This Cd is for the Soul..so when you are ready.... take the road..... Isn't it time?
Reviewer: Kenny Star: Manager/Producer/Engineer Sedona, Az

"Kaleah is a remarkable talent - a rare singer who can make virtually any sound with her voice. Her songs are musically interesting and her lyrical themes are profound." Delightful!
John Florez (retired L.A. record producer and currently a multimedia producer/developer)

"This music adds unusual and exotic sonic twists to her lush dream soundscapes and needs no translation-droning strings and airy, larger-than-life production--it's her passionate vision, even more than her spectacular voice, that makes her work stand out. Kaleah perfectly depicts the landscapes of human souls. Kaleah's road home will definitely touch the most remote part of your heart and soul"... Pan Artist.com

"My creative partnership with Kaleah was a most rewarding experience. Her beautiful music contributed immensely towards "Lessons of the Heart" winning its' audience choice film festival award. Her graciousness, talent, creativity, and artistic sensibilities make her a joy to work with. I look forward to collaborating with her again on upcoming film projects.
Thomas Bruce McArthur, filmmaker, actor. Adesso 1 Productions.

Wow! What a voice. I loved "Dance with Angels" on the first CD and "Stay" on the second.

Kaleah has the voice of an angel and as a former Executive Producer I appreciate and enjoy her etheric sounds best. She does have a Celtic flavor to her up tempo songs and her arrangements are wonderful.

KUDOS!!! Thanks for sharing. I am impressed.

Louise Aveni


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